Diane Corriette


I love the freedom that comes from working in different environments. I work as a freelance administrator/secretary, qualified in digital marketing so I can help with your online marketing.

As a temp working with an agency I take on anything from Customer Adviser roles to P.A. Competencies include WordPress, SAP, Microsoft Office, Adobe, Editing Software (audio, video and photo). 

Working from home I setup and manage WordPress websites for micro-business owners (e.g. personal trainers, freelance workers and consultants), community organisations and people who run a local business (e.g. local vet, dentist or beauty therapist).

I use and promote Acti-Labs range of high-quality, spa inspired skin-care products. I love to write and vlog (videos) for fun.

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UK Acti-Labs Ambassador

It was an easy decision for me to become an Acti-lab Ambassador. Their business model fits into my passion for high quality products at affordable prices. What they offer are products that provide a non-surgical way to look amazing.

There are collagen creams that will help firm your skin. Weight loss wraps that help you naturally break down fat. Diet aids that reduce your appetite and make the process of eating less easier. CLICK HERE to visit my website and find out more about Acti-Labs products.

Acti-Labs Slimming Wrap Results

Acti-Labs Slimming wraps work really well (if you were searching for ActiDerm slimming wraps you are in the right place – the company name has changed). They are very popular among people looking to lose inches for a specific occasion (e.g. wedding or special event)...
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Acti-Labs recruiting NEW Ambassadors

Acti-Labs are recruiting NEW Ambassadors Ever thought about a New Career in Health & Beauty? There are so many advantages to becoming an Acti-Labs Ambassador. Promoting the fabulous range of French skin care & beauty products that get results and actually work...
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Benefits of developing a second income

I put up WordPress websites for customers. In the past I might have even completed a bit of online marketing for you. I certainly ran workshops on content creation. Together all of that work became an income for me but it wasn’t enough and it wasn’t what I wanted to...
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ActiDiet Hydra-Slim Info and Results

If you are looking to buy ActiDiet Hydra-Slim you can stock up here. If late night snacking is a problem or you find carb cravings have you rushing for the bread instead of the fruit then Acti-Labs Hydra-Slim is the solution to your problem. This is the number ONE...
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Acti-Rewards for hosting an Acti-Labs Party in September

Would you like to choose from up to 6 free Acti-Labs products? The Acti-Rewards for September are now out and you can get hold of some amazing Acti-Rewards for hosting an Acti-Labs Party in September. Our Vendome Palette is very popular so I am excited to be able to...
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Looking for trained beauty therapists and make up artists

Earning money is different to how it used to be, now it pays to have more than one source of income so that if one dries up you always have another (or a few). This is why I am looking for trained beauty therapists and make up artists who are interested in earning an...
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As an Acti-Labs Ambassador you are part of one big team

If you join a direct sales business it makes sense that you want to give yourself the best possible chance of success and so you look for the highest ranking person within an organisation. In fact when I read "how to succeed in direct sales" type posts from experts...
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Acti-Labs HD Foundation Photo

The Acti-Labs HD Foundation is popular because of the amazing cover it provides. Take a look at the image above of an Acti-Labs Ambassador who was kind enough to share her photo. HD Liquid effortlessly covers uneven skin tone, blemishes and redness. Full coverage,...
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Diamond Lustre Toothpaste restores natural whiteness

The Acti-Labs Diamond Lustre Toothpaste (or tooth cream) restores natural whiteness of your teeth. If you have stained teeth from wine, coffee, smoking or for any other reason consistent use of this toothpaste will help. The image above and the one below are real...
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Acti-Labs Ambassadors talk rather than sell

If you are looking to earn extra income from home but you hate the idea of selling then joining the Acti-Labs business opportunity may be just want you need. To run a direct sales business you do have to talk to people so you want to at least be comfortable with that,...
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Vlogger / Writer

I love to use the internet. Over the years I have made a living from writing and making videos, which I am currently building on.

My interest in health, plant-based eating and fitness over 40 started in 2014 and despite a rocky start (I took everything down to start again) I now have my own YouTube channel.

I have self-published a book full of flash fiction stories and even ran a few workshops helping other women to do the same. I love to write very short stories (micro-fiction aka flash fiction) and I do this as a hobby away from my freelance/self-employed work. Would be great if it became the thing that earns me a full-time living one day.

Flash fiction story : Wait and dream

I watch the bumper cars and listen to the 80s tune that blares out of the cheap speakers, distorting the words so you have no idea what’s being sung unless you happen to know the song. The sound is so loud that it makes conversation impossible. The music mixes and...
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The Silence

It rings out from empty pages and forgotten journals. It follows me as I watch TV and sit in the garden admiring the red of the robins chest. I want to do something about it but resistance grips me and another day goes by without a word written or a story shared. I...
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Grow your own fresh air

There are many things we can grow but did you have any idea that you could grow your own fresh air? Well until yesterday neither did I. I am powering through my Detox Specialist Diploma Course and lesson 11 is all about the toxins in the air we breathe. To be honest...
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Letting Go – The Key to Getting What You Really Want

Each time we see the need to let go of something -- a bad habit that drags us down, an unsatisfactory relationship, a career choice that can't complete us in the way we dreamed it would, or maybe unrealistic expectations of ours about others that eventually spoil our...
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How I made giving up unhealthy food easier on myself

I decided to make a video that outlines how I made giving up unhealthy food easier on myself. I realized just how important being happy while vegetable juicing and/or while losing weight is to help me succeed. I discovered how much easier everything became when I...
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Before a fall

I had never ridden a bicycle before but he dared me and I wasn't about to admit my failings to anyone, especially him. So what if I was a girl, I was older and taller than he was with a desperate need to prove I was equal. It wasn’t as if I hadn’t sat on a bike...
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Tony Robbins says have standards and rituals to succeed

I was on YouTube today (as I am most days) and found this great  video by Tony Robbins who explains that we need to have standards and rituals to succeed. Here are my notes based on what he said: What is it going to take to make things happen. You need to feel like...
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10 rewards for reaching health goals that are not food

I really believe in the reward system for successfully achieving anything, so I decided to give myself rewards for reaching health goals that are not food. At the beginning all my rewards were food related. I ate well all week and then stuffed my face with junk food...
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I walk slowly but never backwards

The one thing I can honestly say about my journey towards health and wellness is that I walk slowly but never backwards. It was Abraham Lincoln who said the words 'I walk slowly but I never walk backwards.' and I thought it made a great reminder while I am on this...
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Experience cannot be taught

I wish I could help you feel how I feel right now but experience cannot be taught. I can show you what I am doing to get healthy using images and blog posts and even video. I can inspire you (hopefully) into believing that maybe you could start using vegetable juicing...
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