I put up affordable an WordPress website for people who work alone, have done for years. I love setting it all up and creating something for someone else.

It all starts after you buy your domain name and hosting package. In case you don’t know hosting is what you need to ‘house’ your website. It is a little like buying land to put a house on – which thinking about it is exactly what you are doing.

When you own your own domain and you have your own self-hosted WordPress website you are in charge. It is your own detached property.

When you are on a site like wordpress.com that is more like shared housing, everyone has their own room but you are one of millions. People have to search through all the rooms to find yours if they are not sure whICH your room number is and it is easy for you to get lost in all of that noise.

That’s why I recommend buying a domain name. Your own little piece of internet property.

Setting up your affordable WordPress website

So, as I mentioned earlier, you buy your domain name and hosting. I get them to ‘talk’ with each other, set up WordPress and then install the wonderful Divi theme, which I have been using for years.

To keep my websites affordable I tend to use the same format for all websites but the good news is it is really simple to change the look of your site. I do provide a few variations on the look but this is not web design and it is not my other service where I will add a theme of your choice.

As a very small business, whether you are a writer looking to show everyone your talent, a network marketing professional who wants their own site (important for standing out), or a small business owner who runs their own business a 4-page affordable WordPress website like the ones I create are a great start.

You get to choose your four pages and I usually recommend an about, services, contact and blog page as well as the home page. Once the site is up you are free to add more pages of course and with my help you will find that really easy to do.

An affordable WordPress website with me is more than just putting it up and leaving you to it. I will support you as much as I can should you have any questions. It’s what I am known for – my ongoing support.

If you are interested feel free to click here and complete my enquiry form and I will get back to you or visit http://www.digitallyconnected.biz