If you join a direct sales business it makes sense that you want to give yourself the best possible chance of success and so you look for the highest ranking person within an organisation. In fact when I read “how to succeed in direct sales” type posts from experts they do say to find a top ranking person and learn from them.

So, how does that help new people within the organisation? If everyone wants experience how can us newer Acti-Labs Ambassadors recruit people?

Well, within Acti-Labs they have the best solution.

They treat everyone as one BIG team. So, if you join me today (27 August 2016) I may have only been in the business for six weeks or so but you get the experience of my upline, her upline and even her upline, right up to the person who started the company.

We all get introduced, trained and plugged into a proven system that helps us build a successful business based on our own efforts.

Everyone is in our private Facebook group providing help, support, advice, training and whatever you need to succeed.

That is great news for us new Ambassadors who might feel a little concerned about recruiting when we are new to the business ourselves (I actually don’t but just sayin!) It also makes it a fair way to ensure everyone is empowered to grow their business and most of all it means even if I can’t help a new recruit right now, when I am ready to in the future I will.

What do you offer?

Another thing to consider if you have ever had trouble recruiting in a direct sales business is to think about what you personally offer.

I have skills in digital marketing, so there are things I know about ranking well in the search engines, developing content, relationship marketing and using social media that many people don’t know. It means I can share that information with my team and help them build an online presence.

If you are interested in starting your own business find out more – visit the link below



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