In today’s motivational Monday video I talk about being thankful, for just about everything, from a hug to receiving some work (or perhaps an Acti-Labs order via my website) – just sayin 🙂

Today, I am thankful for Avon and a small group of ladies who have helped me get back into the weight loss mindset because since the Olympics I have left the idea far behind. All those 3am bedtimes and late night eating sessions replaced my usual gym sessions and healthy food.

It was the summer of love for me, the love of old food habits and it needed to stop. I am back on My Fitness Pal using good old fashioned calorie restrictions as my weapon of choice. Plus, intermittent fasting as I want to stop eating at 7pm until breakfast at 11am.

I will use my Hydra-Slim to help curb my appetite and deal with my emotional/late night eating.

Bring on the herbal tea because I will need it. As long as I stay away from watching TV late at night I should be okay.

My first presentation session

Managed to sell the ever popular Hydra-Slim and Slimming wraps. Just one of each but I will still happy.

I took a video of the event. Bits and pieces. After all I was trying to man my table, network, eat, present (a photo of me shows up towards the end) and video so I didn’t get everything. It was an amazing evening and it felt good to be out.