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I’m diane corriette

Helping you maintain your online presence

Providing WordPress Support Services


Three Hours of WordPress Support

Book three hours of support for your WordPress website. Cost – £24 per hour.

Website Theme Installed

I install a WordPress theme and add content. Contact me first. Cost – from £250

Dedicated Time

Only need me for a few hours? No problem. Book 3 hours or more.

Online Shop

Looking to sell your services/products online? I can set up a shop for you.

Stress Management

I’ll take the website stress away while you focus on your business

Website Update

Want to add new content or freshen up your website? I’ll get it done.

How Can I Help?

To find out how I can help, complete the contact form below and let me know. If it is something I can’t help you with I will know a man (or women) who can. Whether you are starting from the beginning with a fresh website or looking to update/tidy up your current site, chances are I can help. I have installed personal and business websites.

Read my frequently asked questions and  terms and conditions.

Do you need long-term commitment?

No. If you only need help with a one-off project or you want your website updated I can help. Most of my work has a short start and end date. I only ask for a minimum of 3 hours – which must be completed within a month of being booked.

How will I know what work has been completed?

I will provide you with regular email updates covering what work has been completed. I am also available for telephone/zoom (audio) conferences too.

Can I get started now?

I recommend you get in touch before paying. Let’s discuss what you need and how I can help. I will then issue you with an invoice using PayPal.

If we have worked together before and you need to book me for a few extra hours you can use the payment button at the top of the website.

Do you manage social media accounts?

Depends. Social media accounts take time and commitment to develop. This is not a service I offer anymore. If you just want someone to spend a few hours sorting things out or posting the odd bit of content then get in touch, but full management of a social media account isn’t something I do.

How long will the work take?

If I am installing WordPress and adding new content it will be completed within a few days. It all depends on how long it takes you to get the information to me.

If I am adding a new theme to an existing website, the same applies. I am fairly quick at getting things done once I set a date. As long as I have been providing with all the images/content that is needed to put the site together.

Do you take on special projects?

Please contact me if you have long-term work available and/or you want help with managing your platform.

In the past I have taken on being Membership Manager of a large learning platform, helped members of a forum with questions and I have set up eCommerce shops for clients.

About Me

I started helping people with their WordPress website around 2009. In 2016 I hit a wall and deleted all my social media accounts and online profiles. I was tired of the 16 hour days 7 days a week.

Now I am a little more conservative with my time. I spend a lot of it outdoors, driving my campervan seeking out new views.  

I offer WordPress support to a small group of people, keeping my hours to a minimum.

I earn a living by taking part in different activities to improve variety – e.g. I work as a Support Worker, invest in Bitcoin and sell stuff online.

I get to choose my hours. I get to choose my projects. I get to choose what work I will and won’t do. I refer to myself as semi-retired and I love it.

I have worked with Diane for years and she always delivers work on time while providing support that is fast and efficient. Highly recommended. Love her work. Diane understood the assignment.   – L. Johnnie

I love the personal touch that I get when I work with Diane. Plus she is honest with how she uses the time available. She can get a whole lot done in three hours. She does what she says she will do. – M. Denton

Sometimes I like to write random stuff. Just in case you wanna look.

I usually work with entrepreneurs who are in need of extra support.

One thing all my clients have in common is that they recognise the importance of maintaining their web presence.

Are you looking to start selling your products and/or services online, but you don’t want to spend hours trying to figure it all out yourself? Well, I can help you make that happen.

I have installed both personal and business websites.





To get started: contact me at