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What does it mean to be your own friend?

One of my biggest journeys in life has been to love and respect myself. I know the journey isn’t over but I have managed to do a lot of work on improving my self esteem.

When he was writing his book “Letters from a Stoic” Seneca meditated on the idea of what personal success looked like to him. His answer was not to think about being richer, or famous, or to own loads of fancy stuff. No. It was simpler than that and far more powerful. For Seneca his idea of personal success was to be his own friend.

Stoics believe that it is important to be comfortable in your own skin; to be enough.

Seneca wrote that a person who is a friend to themselves is an aid to all mankind. I read about this in a daily email I receive called The Daily Stoic. It said…

“A person who is a friend to themselves, Seneca wrote, is an aid to all mankind. They are kind. They are calm. They have empathy—for themselves and for others. They aren’t desperate. They can quietly spend time alone. They don’t need to pull others down to lift themselves up. They can stand on the shoulders of giants, as Isaac Newton famously said in 1675, instead of stepping on their necks to secure advantage.”

I love that the majority of this paragraph describes me!

I am a great friend to myself, The place where I fall down is around food and fitness. I don’t always eat the best foods for my body and I definitely don’t spend enough time keeping my body in great physical shape – but I am working on both of those areas.

Good self-care is the cornerstone of personal success and self-esteem. I believe that being your own friend is the best gift you can give yourself.

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