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I prefer to be brief on my websites. Don’t see the purpose in having people read through paragraph after paragraph of stuff about me. So I use my blog posts to add more information and if someone calls me I can quickly gain a sense of whether I can help with their project.

So here is a little about me…

In 2007 I first heard the term “internet marketing” and was amazed at what could be achieved by getting online. At the time I didn’t have the income to use a web designer at Β£25 an hour so I taught myself.

By 2009, having put up my own WordPress websites, people started asking for my help. That’s when I began offering WordPress services.

Over the years website development has advanced into offering CSS services.

CSS stands for cascading style sheets and describes how different elements should be displayed on a page. So if you want an image on the left and some text on the right you use CSS code and they appear that way.

I never kept up with writing CSS code. WordPress premium themes became more complex to put together and I always feel more comfortable using them. I have always managed to figure out how to use/design a website using a theme.

If CSS is a recipe that has to be cooked from scratch to become a meal, a theme is more like a ready meal!


As well as putting up websites I also ran workshops and was taken on to teach people how to blog. I enjoy teaching and loved that part of my business.

Passive Income

My focus was very much on developing passive streams of income so I focused more on building information websites that helped me bring in extra income. Google decided to change their algorithm (the way they bring up their search results) in 2011. Information websites were hit and deemed as “bad”. Overnight, people earning thousands a month lost their income, including me.

The recession bites

During 2009-2012 the recession hit my business quite hard. At the time I had local government contracts to deliver training and they were all cancelled.

I kept going but I had to offer services, which meant sitting at my computer for hours – sometimes 16 a day, 7 days a week. I did that from 2012-2016 until I decided to call it quits. It took four years before I could spend any length of time in front of a computer screen! I still did the odd bit of work but never to the same extent.

Making a comeback

In 2021 an old client got in touch and asked me to help them refresh their website. In 2022 another old client got in touch. After that, I decided it would be great to go back to offering WordPress services but this time being far more conservative.

  1. Taking on less clients.
  2. Not taking on everything that was offered.
  3. Only doing the work I love. I used to offer social media services but never really loved it.
  4. Go back to teaching and running workshops at some point

I do all of this while working around my lifestyle. I am fortunate enough to have savings that let me choose. While being a blogger doesn’t produce the income it used to, a website is still necessary for any business looking to be found in the search results.

For help and support with your WordPress website. Feel free to get in touch.

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