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Many very new and very small business owners have limited funds available to hire full time staff. When you start your new business you have to juggle your finances, marketing, sales and more. Setting up and managing your WordPress website is one of those tasks that can take up a lot of time.

I have spoken to many business owners who have told me their attempts to put up their own website has taken weeks or even months. It can seem as if you are saving money by doing it yourself but if you put an hourly rate to all those weeks or months how much paid time have you lost?

It takes me less than 24 hours to complete what might take you weeks. Instead of having to wait until you can promote your business via your website or offer an opportunity for someone to pay you via your website, why not outsource the task of setting it up.

I love putting up WordPress websites. I love putting them together and making them look in a way that you are happy with, so why not get in touch and let me know what you need. You can email me at diane to get started or complete the contact form on my homepage here.

If you already have your website up but you need help with maintaining it, then I can help you with that too and for the low cost of just three hours of my time.

This is a great opportunity for you to free up your time without breaking the bank, so if you are ready to stop doing everything yourself and you want to hand over the stress of managing your website I am only too happy to help.

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