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Terms and Conditions

I run a business on my own. It is just me. I don’t try to hide that fact. So, it is important that I accept clients who are willing to work with my terms and conditions. It isn’t necessary for you to sign anything for these terms and conditions to apply.

As long as you (the customer) has accepted my quote and have given the go ahead to proceed (verbally or in writing) then you will be providing your consent to and acceptance of these terms and conditions in full.

Please be aware that the Customer (is you or anyone who has paid for the service) and Developer is me, Diane Corriette.


I will provide a quote for all work that needs to be completed. Once you have agreed for the work to go ahead payment must be made in full. Any quote provided is valid for 30 days, after which a new quote will be necessary, if I choose to provide one. Work does not begin until payment has been received in full or as agreed.

Payments are made using PayPal and/or your own credit/debit card. Bank transfers are available in the UK and a bank account for my business can be provided.

Providing Website Content

You should NOT provide payment until you know that you have all your website material available to send immediately after payment. Once payment has been made the website will be set up on an agreed date and a completion date will be provided. All content must be provided within 48 hours of this agreed date for the website setup to take place. You will LOSE YOUR PAYMENT if you have not provided all the material needed to set up your website within 30 days of paying. As I work alone, the only way I can remain efficient, and stick with my own personal plans to travel, is to work out a strict schedule. Also, there may be times when I reject work because I am already booked to carry out your work so it is important I have everything to hand.

Written content should be provided as a Word document (or similar e.g. Google), images should be .jpg or .png – other media e.g. video or audio should be uploaded and links to the content provided. Unless agreed in advance, everything you want added to your website must be provided by you, the Customer, for me – the Developer. All material must be provided in digital format. No physical material must be sent to the developer, who will not be held liable for any losses or damages as a result of material sent via the post or by any other means other than electronically.

No payment should be made without first being in contact with me either my email [diane @ dianecorriette .com] or telephone and work being agreed.

If I have started working on your website and I find that content is missing/not available then the website will be finished using whatever demo material/words are already available through the theme and the website will be deemed as complete on the completion date.

While a copy of the Divi theme is included, if you choose not to provide your own theme then updates of Divi are included for up to three months from the start of the build of your website. Further updates can be obtained by purchasing a copy of the theme directly from Elegant Themes.


Refunds are not available so please do not pay until you are sure you want to go ahead. If I am unable to complete the work agreed within 30 days of payment I will provide a full refund and complete the work.

Gaining Access

As well as providing content the Customer agrees to provide access to any third party website needed by the Developer. These will usually be

  1. The company where your domain name was bought
  2. The company where your hosting was bought
  3. The company where your premium theme was bought
  4. Any company where you bought a product or service that has been agreed will be included in the design of your website
    Failure to provide access on time will delay the project and could lead to termination


As long as payment has been made in full, all material, the hosting, domain name, images and any demo content added to the site belongs to the Customer.

Additional Expenses

If during the process of setting up your website you decide to pay for extras – e.g. premium plugins – all payments must be made by the Customer and instructions to download provided so installation can take place. Additions to the web design process may incurr additonal fees be me (Designer).

My website installation service provides a total of five (5) pages to be set up. If more pages are required these will be charged for at an agreed additional rate and will come under the umbrella of additional expenses.


I – the Developer – reserve the right to terminate the project if I feel that the Customer is taking too long to provide information and/or is demanding additional services not included in the original quote or discussion.
You – the Customer – have the right to terminate the project and receive a full refund if I – the Developer – do not deliver a website within the specify time because of any issue relating to my inability to complete the project on time.

Project Completion

Once the websit content has been included the Customer will be given an opportunity to look through the website and make any amendments/changes/swaps they may require. I, the Developer, exclude myself from any liability from loss or damage that may be caused due to

Delay in the completion of the website
Inaccuracy of information
Omission of information

The Customer may request the amendment of words/phrases but not a complete change of paragraphs and pages. This will be deemed as additional work.

Payment for hourly services

I offer an opportunity for you to book me on an hourly basis with a minimum of three (3) hours. The work to be undertaken must be discussed in advanced with the Developer and a date set.

Once the date has been set payment must be made within 48 hours of the start date, otherwise the Developer reserves the right to book another Customer on the pre-planned days.

The Developer will send out an invoice outlining what work will be undertaken. Once the agreed dates have been booked and payment has been made all work will be completed. If during the time either the Developer or the Customer has a reason why the work can not be completed this must be discussed and agreed before the completion date.

Where the Customer has paid and not provided everything needed for the Developer to complete the work the Customer will lose their payment on the completion date and will have to pay again if they want the work completed.

These terms and conditions are governed by English Law

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