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Blogging has been important for years and it still is if you want to bring in new customers and stay in touch with existing customers.

It can be tough to get into the habit of blogging on a regular basis but it is worth making the effort, especially if you are running a new business, and here’s why:

Blog posts are still a great way to get attention to your business via the search engines. When people are searching for a product or service that might help you can use that to your advantage and show people how your business can help them.

Your blog is the personality of your business. It enables you to be more open about who you are, and potential customers get to know you as a person. People love reality shows for a reason – its because the public love knowing what’s going on in the life of other people. It’s a great way to create a connection.

Blog posts can be used to expand on how you help. If you like to keep the words on your website pages brief then you can link in to a blog post that goes further into how you can help a potential customer.

As an example : On my homepage I have the title “Website Theme Installed” and then just one line saying “I install a WordPress theme and add content. Contact me first. Cost – from £250 – Find out more.” The button links to this blog post on WordPress website installation which goes into more detail about what I offer.

It is a much better way of letting people know how I help and what the process involves without having to overload my front page with loads of additional information.

People love to read and have a nose around before leaving your website so if you provide great content about your business life, new products, any events you attend or sell your products at then it helps people stick around when they find your website.

You can create media and different ways your customers can see you and your product. If you have a physical product that you sell you can create videos that show how to use it and what it looks like before they buy.

All of the above supports you in developing trusts from your potential customers and if you are looking to improve your brand your blog is a great marketing tool so don’t ignore it and neglect the task of writing blog posts.

As I am semi-retired now and have a number of clients who rebook me for work I don’t use this blog as much as I used to, which is why I know what works. Your blog posts will be around for years (unless like me you delete everything!) so you may find a blog post you wrote three years ago is still coming up in the search engines today. How great is that as a marketing tool!

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